3.40pm Friday 15th December 2017. GOING UPDATE: SOFT, HEAVY in PLACES. 4mm rain overnight Thurs/Fri clearing earlier to leave a bright and blustery afternoon. Forecast suggest a frost tonight -1C, dry Saturday feeler colder with another frost -3C into Sunday which is looking dry for daylight, chance of a light shower in the evening 1-2mm and no frost! Bend rail movements from innermost lines are Hurdle top out 6yds, bottom out 8yds, Chase top out 2yds, bottom out 3yds. Approximate affect on distances are: Races 1&5 +66yds, Races 2&6 +30yds, Races 3&7 +84yds, Race 4 +45yds. For more ground information contact Clerk of the Course, Mark Cornford on 07759 151617 or if you have any other questions, please do get in contact either by emailing us racing@plumptonracecourse.co.uk or calling 01273 890383.

This Plumpton Racecourse weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget